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Bellbottoms on the Strip!

Did you dress like this, once upon a time?
Felt good, huh?
1966, and┬áteenagers flocked to the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. So the police tried to enforce a strict 10 pm curfew, which led to mini-riots, sort of, and that led to the Buffalo Springfield song that beings, “Something happening here / What it is ain’t exactly clear / There’s a man with a gun over there …”

That is an anthem I’ll never forget; every note sounded magical.

And you can read more about the Sunset Strip in 1966 at the California Historical Society webpage. Why the HISTORICAL Society? Well, brace yourself: This was all 50 years ago. FIFTY!

Not possible.

But just look at those bellbottoms. My mother gave me a pair that had gigantic flowers, not stripes, and I refused to wear them. The wide belts were a must, and they had to be hiphugging.

And look at the girl on the left, with the biggest smile. She has one of those little cloth triangles on her head, with the ties. Those were very hot too, for about a month. Everyone had a few, then styles changed and we tied them, not under the chin but at the nape of the neck. Then a few more months passed and we bunched them all in the back of the drawer and never wore them again.

Ah, memories. I was never on the Sunset Strip. I lived south of Los Angeles, and whenever we were on the freeway or a road where I could look north and see the bright lights (which were probably in Gardena or Inglewood, but I imagined they shone from Hollywood) I wanted to fly there and be part of this amazing scene.


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