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Renwal Company (Not Renewal)

The Visible Man–who remembers that? But can you recall the name of the company that made it? The Renwal Company didn’t start out in the anatomy/ scientific/ educational toy biz. In fact, Renwal started in housewares, then made doll furniture from the end of WW2 till the late 1950s, then they sold their dies so

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WHAM-O: An Early History

The name Wham-O comes from the sound┬áthat a slingshot missile makes when it hits the target. That’s what it sounded like to┬áthe founders of that company, anyway. This brief history of Wham-O is straight from The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories, which will hopefully be on sale by June, 2013. Rich Knerr and Spuds Melin

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