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Rex 80 Wagon

So here I am, Christmas 1955 with my 7 month old brother.

I doubt I loaded him into the wagon. I don’t think I could lift him. I did try to wheel him into the oven once, right around this time. However, he was in his stroller.  I wasn’t that strong, just opportunistic.

I found an ad in the Times Daily of Florence, Alabama (why pick that newspaper? It came up on Google) that says “Just the size to make the small tot happy on Christmas morning.”

Yup, it did. Not so sure about Baby Bobby’a happiness, but we did get years of use out of that Rex 80 wagon, which the Times Daily priced at $2.98.

Who made the Rex wagon? I’ve found Rex Jets, Rex 90s, and Rex 100s on eBay and antique toy sites, but nothing to indicated the manufacturer. Searching Rex on the Radio Flyer site gives me nothing, except that this 1941 catalog, found on their 1940s history pages. That top model sure looks like it says “Rex” on the side, but I can’t make it any clearer.

Can anyone answer that question–who made the Rex wagon?

Thank  you to my friend Sharon from elementary school–now a professional archivist. She found several ad pages on eBay from the mid-1950s advertising the Jet wagons as “a companion to the top quality Radio Line”–from Radio Steel, which was Radio Flyer. Mystery solved!

Don’t know if they will stay up, but here are the links to 1956 wagons and 1957 wagons.

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