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As promised, here are the sources for most of the information in

The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories! 

I’m dividing this up into a few categories that follow the chapters in the book:

  • All sources for Christmas Trees and Decoration
  • All sources for Christmas Foods
  • All sources for the Christmas Songs
  • All sources for Christmas Entertainment

The second half of the book is about toys, so the sources for toys are listed this way:

  • Toy Books, with the most important listed first, followed by a list of the general toy books, the books on companies, and then the books by subject
  • Toy Articles from magazines, newspapers, and the internet. This will probably be the last page to go up, so please be patient!

BTW–I used a lot of statistics to introduce the toy section, about the growth of TV’s influence in the 1950s. The source for most of those was “History of Television” by Mitchell Stephens, an article which appeared in Grolliers Encyclopedia and which appears online courtesy of NYU.:

I did my level best to make sure that the information I put into The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories was accurate. Some sources conflicted with each other; some were flat-out ridiculous though I’n not naming any names.

Since this is not an academic book or a book review site, I’ll leave it to you to decide if I overlooked anything or got it wrong. And if I did either of those things, I apologize. Let me know, and the next version of the book will fix those errors.

A second caveat: Some online sources have disappeared, so I haven’t listed them. If you find a dead link, please let me know and I’ll remove it.